A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Desert Racer is a sci-fi arcade racing game in which you race hovercars around an alien desert at blistering speeds.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the Sahara Desert, the Grand Canyon and the American Southwest, the large map offers many different environments to explore.
  • Fast-paced races in which you compete for cash prizes.
  • 4 different hovercars to buy, upgrade and customize.
  • Many different settlements to discover and race in.
  • Smooth controls, similar to the Wipeout series.
  • Collectables to find for cash rewards.
  • Trance soundtrack.

The game should support Windows, Mac and Linux. Supports Dualshock 4 (PS4) controllers and mouse & keyboard. Controller recommended. Other controllers may be supported but this is not guaranteed.

Game developed by Jack Huntridge Dixon for the Computer Gaming Technology course at ARU Cambridge.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date May 27, 2020
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, customisation, Exploration, gamepad, Open World, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Playstation controller
AccessibilityConfigurable controls

Install instructions

  1. Extract game folder from zip file.
  2. Run ‘Car.exe’.

Note: restart is required when changing between controller and keyboard & mouse control schemes.


Desert Racer (Alpha 0.64).zip 80 MB


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Hi and thanks for this game!

For now I'm testing last published version on a Linux system via Wine v6.5.0 + directx9/10/11 + Gallium Nine (v0.7), and it works fine with the following settings:

[Resolution]: up to 1366x768;
[Quality preset]: Beautiful (Fantastic with lower resolutions);

System specs.:

[OS]: Lubuntu Linux - 18.04 LTS 64bit - kernel;
[CPU]: Intel i7-2630QM - quad-core (max) 2.9GHz - 8 threads;
[Ram]: DDR3 - 8GB;
[Graphic Card]: Intel HD3000 - (max) 1.1GHz (RAM shared);
[Graphic Driver]: Mesa 20.3 - OpenGL 3.3;

If you''ll upload a native Linux build I will test it as well (it should run much faster).

Now some issues I'd like to report:

- Save system doesn't kept all data between multiple sessions: up to now I've noticed that collected Orbs count and audio configs. reset to their default at each game re-loading (tot. credits is saved though);
- Many text are nearly unreadable when displayed over an environment/skybox area colored nealy the same as text (an opaque text-panel could be added to adress this);
- Some grand-prix info texts (near race holographic obelisks) appear partially hidden below ground level;
- Some areas requires the ability to regulate car fly-altitude.
- The ability to do side linear movements and, eventually, rotations on the vehicle vertical axis (instead of around the camera one) could be implemented as well, since it would make much easier to navigate in small areas at low speed (like garages areas or similar).
- Is not possible to immediately restart a grand prix after having resigned, if first one fly away from the race holographic obelisk until the "Enter Race [F]" text disappears and then going back near to it again;

I will follow this project with much interest.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for your feedback! It's nice to hear that the game runs on Linux, that's not something I'd tested. Damn I swear I remember writing code to save the orbs you collect but you're right that's not working. I've added all the stuff you mentioned to a bug list, I'll try to fix them if I get a free moment, especially your progress not being saved properly.

Thanks for playing my game and for the constructive feedback!