A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You pilot a ‘hazard management’ robot to clear the dusty remains of derelict spaceships and remote outposts. Unfortunately, the defence systems of these places are often still operational and will attack any intruders on sight. 

Armed with a powerful tractor beam, are you able to defeat the defences and clear each location as fast as possible? The timer ends when you return to your ship.

Key Features:

  • 5 challenging levels to test your skills and reflexes.
  • Custom AI and bespoke node-based pathfinding for enemies.
  • Different environmental puzzles, challenges and mechanics in each level.
  • Custom artwork designed via a kit.
  • Epic instrumental soundtrack and dynamic sound effects.

Inspired by Valve's Half-Life series. Made in my first year of university.

Install instructions

Extract all files and run ‘GravityGun’ executable to play.

Read 'Readme' file for more info, controls and credits.


GravityGun.zip 33 MB

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